Letting Go

Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash

Dear Black Womyn holding the world together, holding the beams up, holding the flood waters back, holding, holding, holding:

Let it go.

It may all come crashing down. And maybe it should.

It will be hard and painful and devastating. And maybe it should be.

Folks gon’ be mad. Maybe that’s alright.

It may break you into a thousand pieces to see what you have held together with faith, love, tears, crazy glue, ingenuity, wit, and stubbornness break with you.

But what if it doesn’t come crashing down? What if it doesn’t sink under the waters? What if it doesn’t break when you let go?

Step out of traffic.

Stand back.

Stand down.

Join with all nature in manifold witness and watch for God.

Whatever God does…maybe God will. And even if God does not, whatever God will do with you will be what God intended for you – to not be God.

Yes, let’s let go.