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‪Paraphrasing Mary: “I got a word for the rich & powerful! Times up! Through our faithful lives, God breaks in! Listen up all who are poor, oppressed, hungry – hang in there! Freedom, Oh, Freedom!”‬ ‪Madonna & Child © 2012 Laura James | Eyekons‬ “When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the […]

I attended a meeting in downtown Brooklyn a few months ago. There is a sculpture of an alligator rising up from the sewer biting a figure of a ‘money man’. I think there are several of these sculptures through the city. I avoid the area because every time I see that sculpture, a knot forms […]

He’s the recipient of five Good Conduct medals from the United States Navy. And, he beat up an 8th grader – an African American boy. He’s trained military man – a grown man. 38 years old. A father. And he set upon a child who was on a team opposing his son’s team, had to […]

***Trigger Warning*** I was preparing for worship on a warm Sunday morning and thinking about the gathering members of my faith community, gathering to witness baptism, and to share in the grace of Communion.  The Communion Table is a Table of hope, refreshment, promise and power.  The Table is also the reminder that One who […]

To get up, to move. To press on. I woke up with a goal. To go. And when I got there, I was blessed by the smells, the sounds, the knowing secret smiles through tears, the songs. Sundays smell like Black woman goodness. Cocoa butter, perfumes, mint and hair products. Sundays sound like joy. Laughter, […]

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com At the heart of this prayer written by Ina Hughes is the call to pray for all children. Naming trauma and privilege, daytime nightmares and popsicles, should make us take a deep breath.  Breathe deep from within and exhale. Children deserve better.  One day, we will deliver…for all children. We […]