Racism is Not a Feeling

Racism is not a feeling.

Racism is not just something you are susceptible to if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Racism is not going to be dismantled by evangelizing belief in the same God who looks away as you demonize Black bodies, brutalize refugees and immigrants, erase the humanity of LGBTQIA persons, crusade against Muslims, diminish women…

Racism and capitalism and homophobia and xenophobia and every-other-religion-except-Christianity-aphobia and classism and sexism and ableism and adultism and all of their cousins live in the same building. The doors of their apartments are open to each other and they visit and fellowship with one another because their ancestors taught them to stick with family. They laugh at your attempts to fumigate their spaces with the very thing that feeds them: hatred. They set the family dinner table with your pronouncements and eat to their hearts’ content.

A thought: you should not be allowed to hold a job financed by the people if you don’t have a basic understanding of systemic oppression.

Another thought: Biblically – there will be no healing without justice. No reconciliation without repentance and repair. No fellowship and friendship dependent upon cheap grace. No beloved community and kin-dom without a radical revolution of values. You can’t get there wearing the same fashions that fly here.

In the name of Jesus the Black Christ.


Leader to Leader: Emma Jordan-Simpson | NYN

The past couple of weeks have been painful ones for those who care about American race relations. On the heels of the slayings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, I sought out someone who could help me make sense of the current moment.I turned to Emma Jordan-Simpson, the executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
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