Month: October 2008

I love this photo of little boys dressed up as Indian independence Leader Mahatma Gandhi. It was the eve of the 139th Anniversary of Gandhi’s birth and children were celebrating the occasion by dressing as one of the most important figures in human history. Gandhi influenced leaders worldwide — like Martin Luther King, Jr. — […]

On this day – October 2, 1967 Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States. He was more than just the first African American elevated to the highest court in the country: he was the grandson of slaves, the standard bearer in the fight against injustice and a voice […]

What Is A Leader? There has been a perpetual knot in the pit of my stomach throughout this election season. Because of its historic nature, more people than ever before have been paying attention, listening to debates, weighing in….that’s absolutely wonderful! The pit in my stomach, however, is formed by our “election season” definitions of […]