Month: April 2008

The world is full of bullies. Bullying is a form of violence — it happens when someone who has more power (physical, social, emotional, etc.) targets someone of perceived “lesser power.” I wish we could all respond to bullies as Andrew Johnston has responded to the children who have bullied him. Andrew is a 13 […]

My Aunt Doris loved me. In all the years that I knew her, however, I don’t remember her ever telling me that she loved me. While she was alive, I told her all the time. I’m disgustingly affectionate! I know, I make my own self sick sometimes! But, I don’t think Aunt Doris ever once […]

(High school students march around the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago to denounce youth violence. Twenty-two Chicago Public Schools students have been killed since September, including 20 by gun violence. (Tribune photo by Tom Van Dyke / April 1, 2008) In the last few weeks, school children in Chicago held a rally to […]